Our Way to Eat on an iPad*

No, of course we aren’t using an Apple iPad as a dinner plate.  One would have to have an iPad and a laissez-faire attitude about conspicuous consumption to do such a thing.  My mother-in-law Val has an iPad though, and when we were visiting at Christmas time, I thought it was time to come out as a food blogger.  We sat down at the kitchen table and pulled up the blog on her iPad to show her the way I’ve been frittering away my precious free time, and look at what we found:

Wow.  How cool is that?!  I love what you’ve done with our blog, Apple.  Very nice.  If only I had the time and the techno-smarts to make it look this way for everyone.  For those of you who, like us, do not view our blog on a slick new tablet, here is what a recent post called Amélie and a Simple Pasta with Butter and Cheese looks like on an iPad or similar device:

That’s right!  It looks like you could pick up the fork and dig into that bowl pasta right from the iPad!  Technology is great and never ceases to amaze and mystify me.  How do people come up with these grand ideas and make them into something real?  Sometimes it is hard to get your head around the way development of new technology changes everything at lightening-speed, with or without our permission.  In this instance I discovered that an innovation that has barely made a blip on my personal radar** makes my own creation appear instantly and effortlessly cooler.  Thank you Apple iPad, you have made us even more hip than we thought.  In just a click…no wait, clicks are so laptop…  In a tap, the world is optimized.

*No iPads were harmed in the creation of this blog entry.

**I still use a personal radar.  Have I already missed the boat on the new device that made those obsolete?