Fresh Tomato Pasta for the Height of Tomato Season

Every time I come upon a tomato grown in our garden, I exclaim, “hello, gorgeous!”Fresh Tomato Pasta on

My garden and the farmer’s market are booming juicy ripe tomatoes.  We have been enjoying tomatoes with reckless abandon with simple preparation: in BLT’s, in a caprese salad or sliced on their own.  Another delicious and simple preparation that honors a juicy tomato is this uncooked tomato pasta sauce that I tossed with hot whole grain spaghetti.  It contained sliced and chopped tomatoes, two chopped sweet Italian peppers, a clove of garlic- minced, chopped flat leaf parsley, basil, and a few dashes of red wine vinegar and the tiniest drizzle of olive oil.  I mixed up the sauce and left it raw, then tossed it with the pasta, cooked al dente.  I topped it with fresh cracked pepper, a little salt and a ball of Buratta: fresh mozzarella with a creamy center, opened for scooping a spoonful on to each plate. The Burrata is a nice texture compromise between ricotta and regular fresh mozzarella and really made this lush.  This was a fabulous summer pasta and an easy way to focus entire meal on tomatoes, raw and in their finest form: juicy and warm from the vine.  Summer’s lease hath too short a date!  Dig in!  My recipe is a mash-up of recipes from Martha Stewart (here and here) and from a recipe from Bon Appetit, with the addition of Burrata from my own imagination.

After a break from blogging over the summer, I’ve decided to make shorter posts more the norm.  I’ll be interested to hear what you think.

11 thoughts on “Fresh Tomato Pasta for the Height of Tomato Season

    • Jane, that is the highest compliment and has made me feel great. I love to write and I’m glad when it is enjoyed. Meghan

  1. Love your blog, and this salad looks fantastic. Just returned from the farmers’ market in Park Rapids and purchased lots of tomatoes and peppers. Homemade spaghetti sauce in the making.

    • This was a great pasta! You should try it while there are still local tomatoes to be had. Nice seeing you at the pie party last weekend. Meg

    • And! The best laid plans…. A more regular posting schedule is coming! In the meantime, grab yourself some burrata while there are still local tomatoes to be had! Meg 🙂

  2. Meg,
    Very nice photograph that left me salivating for a fresh tomato, as well as the other
    garden fresh ingredients. I very much enjoyed the writing and the beautiful pink flowers at the top. Was that a photo taken in your yard?

    Mom, aka Alice Strom

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