Garden Delights // Square Foot Garden // July Update

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Our garden delights me!  We find ways to eat fresh veggies and herbs in every meal.  I keep learning and I enjoy everything except the squirrels!

4 thoughts on “Garden Delights // Square Foot Garden // July Update

  1. oh, the squirrels…they were my garden’s demise too 🙁 did you figure out any way to successfully deter them from garden-munching? I tried buying fox urine granules on amazon, but it smelled AWFUL, and I don’t know if I did it right, because it didn’t seem to work.

    • Funny you mention granules…I just bought a product called “repels all” which are granules to spread around the yard. They aren’t too stinky and they seem to work pretty well. I have had good luck in the past with home-made concoctions of garlic and spices that I make into a spray. It has to be applied daily. This year the squirrels are more aggressive–probably because it is hot? In any case, I needed to take squirrel deterring to a new level. I hope it continues to work, I’m sick of coming home and finding all of my ripest tomatoes have been chewed on and thrown away.

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