Our Way to Eat – The First Supper

This is by no mean our first supper, but it IS the first supper going live on our new blog.  It isn’t anything spectacular, but its a good starting point.  Its a supper that shows our way of eating. It started with a lot of thought.  It is inspired mostly by ingredients on hand that needed to be used before they spoiled, and it has the meat and mirror image vegetarian riff.   Bjorn worked late.  I went for a run and thought about supper.   I ran by Subway and saw a sign advertising Orchard Chicken Salad with grapes and presumably apples in it.  We had these lovely soft hamburger buns that needed to be used up, and we had a pear.  This was enough to inspire my first attempt at Chicken / Quorn Chick’n salad sandwiches.

It is almost impossible to distinguish between the regular chicken salad with light mayo, celery, and pears and the Quorn version visually.

I have a problem having a totally cold supper, and I’ve had potatoes on the brain.  (Thank goodness I left that depressing  “carbs are bad” phase in my 20’s.)  I ended up with potato skins stuffed with roasted broccoli, chives and melted cheddar, topped with greek yogurt because I wanted potatoes, but didn’t want to eat the whole thing, plus toppings so I hollowed them out and then added toppings.  Yum.

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